Community Eye Care at Drishti

Social Impact Enterprise

Drishti is a social impact enterprise that provides affordable eye care in under served markets. Drishti has setup hospitals and vision centers in markets that have limited or no provision for eye care.

Designed to cover BOP Segments

Our services are priced to enable even BOP segments to seek eye care. Consultations, prescription glasses and cataract surgeries are priced to suit this segment. We run out-reach programs to targetted BOP segments where consultations are free and glasses and surgeries are subsidised.

Covering a district for eye care

Drishti sets up one hospital with surgical facilites in a district. Vision centers supported over tele-medicine are setup in smaller towns (talukas) of the district. Our custom designed mobile vision center is used to cover villages

Grant Supported Programs

Every Drishti centre runs 2 key programs with the support of Grants. Our school screening program covers all government school children in the taluk. Children are provided free glasses, medicines and where required surgery.

Our village screening program provides free consultation in villages. Subsidised glasses and medicines are provided where support is available. Free eye surgeries are conducted for patients aged over 60 from villages. These surgeries are possible due to a grant from donors.

Our grant programs are possible thanks to the generous support of several companies and trusts.